Fishing Tips:

Do not try too many venues. Most Irish waters, produce their best after two or three days feeding.

If the quarry is bream, three venues in one week would generally be plenty. The best recipe for success is pre-baiting the night before you intend to fish, put in about 10lbs of ground bait well laced with caster, chopped up worms etc. Maggots are of little use as they tend to bury themselves in the mud.

Before pre-baiting, check the water depth. Many Irish lakes have a ledge or drop off. Once located, the feed should be placed at the bottom of the ledge where the bream normally patrol in search of food.

Remember when ordering bait to allow for pre-baiting as well as your daily requirements. As shoals of fish are often much larger than overseas, you will need extra feed to keep them interested. Steady feeding throughout the day is the most effective way to put a large catch together. Spasmodic feeding will not allow the fish to settle.

Respect the fish. Do not overcrowd your keep nets. Small and large fish do not mix and small roach in a net full of bream will almost certainly be killed. Carry a large polythene sheet for photographing fish on.

Please respect the good will of the farmers, close all gates, do not damage crops and take all litter away with you each time.

Many of these tips can be found on YouTube.

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