Sea Charter in Waterford

Waterford also sits in the "sunny south east" and it too offers exceptional fishing all year round. Whilst the shore marks may not be as famous (or anywhere near as busy!) as its Wexford or Cork counterparts, with good access by road, rail and its own regional airport, Waterford has not been slow in acquiring a reputation for itself. Some locations such as Passage East (a local ferry crossing across the mouth of the Waterford Harbour) are already famous for holding several species records, however there are lots of small tricky-to-access coves holding fresh fish dotted around the coast. Tramore is famous for bass. The sea off Waterford offers superb fishing for round fish during the winter with pollack, coalfish and codling in abundance, and the various sandy banks will also produce flatfish and large flounder. Again, thanks to the Gulf Stream, the migratory blue shark will be encountered a little earlier than in Wexford, and more so the further west you travel towards Dungarvan. Waterford suffers to a degree from its position between Cork, renowned for its sea angling, and Wexford, long a favourite with anglers from Dublin and visiting anglers from the UK and Northern France. It lies there, waiting to be uncovered. There are several large wrecks, thanks to centuries long traditions of trading to the UK and continental Europe out of Waterford City (settled by the vikings well over ten centuries ago).

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