Sea Charter in Wexford

Wexford sits in the middle of the "sunny south east" and offers exceptional fishing all year round. It ranges from the northern shore marks, famous for their smoothounds (one of the few places in Ireland you can find them) down, 'around the corner' to the big fishing port of Kilmore Quay and the rich fishing grounds around the Saltee Islands. Access is by road, rail and from the ferry port in Rosslare Harbour. Wexford is about a two hour drive from Dublin Airport and perhaps a bit more from Cork Airport.,

The sea off Wexford comprises parts of the Irish Sea along the east coast, one of the more likely locations for the rare Corkwing Wrasse and Smoothhounds. During the winter the boat marks on this east coast produce codling in abundance, and the various sandy banks will also produce fine flatfish, including specimen plaice. To the south you move into oceanic waters, and warmer waters thanks to the Gulf Stream. This is where the migratory blue shark will be first encountered off Wexford, probably in late June or July.

There are innumerable wrecks, thanks to centuries long traditions of trading to Wales, France and Spain, and the existence of fine ports such as Rosslare. Ferries from France and the UK both disgorge in Rosslare and with the current strength of sterling and the introduction of the Euro, Wexford is becoming something of a fishing mecca for anglers.

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