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Sea Fishing in Clifen

Sea fishing Clifden area.

Omey Island, pollack can be taken while spinning and wrasse and conger while bottom fishing. Streamstown Bay conger eel can be taken at slack water, as also can pollack and mackerel. Coolacloy is Ray up to 4.5 kilos have been recorded while dabs and dogfish are available if fished on the bottom. Spinning will take pollack and mackerel, while float-fished baits near kelp margins will take wrasse.Erislannan Point wrasse are plentiful when float fishing. Conger are also available but are difficult to prise away from the rough bottom.Ballinaga wrasse can be caught close to the rock. Distance casting will enable anglers put baits over sand where ray, dogfish and dabs.Flounder, plaice, small turbot, dabs, dogfish and occasional ray can be expected over sand in the sheltered bay at Candoolin. Mannin Bay, just inside Knock Point can be very productive for ray, dogfish and flatfish. On the western side of Knock Point, at False Bay and Dooloughan, shore fishing is mainly for flounder, plaice, dabs and small turbot. Lugworm and mackerel strip are the most commonly used baits.

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